Why build a career in Supply Chain Management?

Supply Chain solutions can be applied to local and global environments and are driven by innovation and improvement. To be a Supply Chain professional requires a strong understanding of business objectives/strategies, markets and opportunities.


Globally, Supply Chain Management is one of the fastest growing professions


It offers some of the highest paying jobs when compared to other esteemed professions. It offers a secure future to new entrants


Supply Chain has a shortage of adequately qualified professionals; therefore jobs are high in demand


Qualifications include internationally certified and accredited optionsIt offers some of the highest paying jobs when compared to other esteemed professions


The industry amounts to many trillions of dollars globally and tens of thousands of organisations need  strong supply chain capabilities


It’s a work environment that is dynamic, exciting, ever improving and always challenging

Companies and organisations throughout the world buy, store, manufacture, sell and distribute products and services to their customers. There is a business chain, with links in it, and at the end of line is the customer. The customer’s wants and needs determine what happens throughout the chain from start to finish. As customer wants and needs change, the demand in the chain changes and businesses must respond to that change in order to continually meet customer requirements.

Procurement is an important function within the Supply Chain. Every organisation that uses products and services from other organisations needs to purchase the right product at the right time for the right purpose and at the right price.

All organisations need supply chain management capabilities in their business and there is a multitude of rewarding career options within this field.

A solid future in a growing Profession

In most organisations, Supply Chain jobs include demand planning, strategic procurement, logistics management, dispatching, scheduling, inventory control, assembly, processing, procurement, sourcing, packaging/branding, quality control, inventory management, supplier management, capacity management, lean process design and transformation, IT systems development and management, repair and recycling, expense management and financial controls, resource planning, analytics, cash flow management, training and education, and much more.
Some of the world’s top executives work in Procurement and Supply Chain.

Some senior Supply Chain positions include:

  • Chief Procurement Officer
  • Procurement Director
  • Supply Chain Director
  • Operations and Warehousing Director
  • Operations Director
  • Chief Supply Chain Officer
  • Logistics Director
  • Freight Forwarding Director

Many of these Supply Chain professionals go on to become CEOs of the companies they work for. This industry provides many diverse opportunities for personal growth.

Why Commerce Edge?

Commerce Edge is part of the UXi education group. UXi comprises institutions like CTU, Africa Skills Village, Oxford Professional Education Group, Creative Academy and Durnacol.

Commerce Edge has full accreditation with numerous SETAs within South Africa, offering several locally accredited qualifications in Supply Chain. We are also an appointed Supply Chain Faculty for a private university (Da Vinci Institute) offering degrees and postgraduate degrees up to an MBL or NQF Level 9 – (National Qualifications Framework). 

Commerce Edge is accredited by International Professional Bodies offering international best practice qualifications in Supply Chain. The company is the largest Supply Chain Qualifications Provider in South Africa.

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